Army IBA Alumni Association, Savar, Dhaka.

1.    Name: The name of the association shall be Army IBA Alumni Association, Savar, Dhaka.
2.    Registered Office and Seal: The office of the organization shall be situated at the Army IBA campus Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
The Army IBA Alumni Association shall be an organization of perpetual succession with an official seal.
3.    Nature: This alumni association shall be a non-political, a non-profit making and a social service organization.
4.    Objectives: The objectives of this alumni association are to build active communication network among all the present and ex-students of the Army IBA both BBA and MBA  programs. To contribute in the academic development of the Army IBA (BBA and MBA ) and socio economic development of the country through the dissemination of new concepts in the relevant field.
Specific Goals:
A.    To build up relationship among the members of the organization through educational, cultural, social and welfare programs.
B.    To help foster a global perspective in teaching-learning of Army IBA and prepare students for the global job market.
C.    To highlight the prospects and problems of the business academics and professionals through different media, journals, publications, etc.
D.    To unite the members of the organization in the bonds of friendship, fellowship and mutual understanding through arranging reunion, picnic, tour, sports etc.
E.    To encourage professional efficiency and promote high legal and ethical standard in business entrepreneurship and profession.
F.    To make liaison with other business associations in home and abroad and exchange views and ideas, to take up various projects jointly, and arrange exchange programs.
5.    Functions:
A.    To arrange programs for existing and new business educators and professionals and for the new business graduates and to take various training and job fair programs for the benefit of the unemployed members of the organization.
B.    To arrange reunions, seminars, workshops and other events to facilitate interaction among alumni and current students.
C.    To publish magazines, journals and/or newsletters for the publicity and dissemination of information.
D.    To take effective steps for sports, literary and cultural developments and current students.
E.    To offer stipend, scholarship and fellowship in order to broaden the ways of higher education for the poor but meritorious students.
F.    To formulate policies and necessary by-laws for proper operation and management of the organization.
G.    Where necessary and if required, to give and take donation in the forms of movable and immovable properties.
6.    Eligibility of Membership: All membership shall be subject to approval by the office bearers of the Association. Membership is open to the following:    
A.    Any person holding an BBA and/or MBA degree from the Army Savar,  shall be eligible to be a Member of ArmyIBA Alumni Association who shall undertake to abide by the rules and regulations as laid down in its constitution.
B.    Any person interested in welfare affairs of the Army IBA Alumni Association and the person having a BBA and/or MBA degree and serves for at least two years in the capacity of faculty member shall be eligible to be an Associate Member of Army IBA Alumni Association.
C.    The Registration fee and yearly subscription payable for the members shall be as follows:
i.    Member/Associate Member: Registration fee Tk. 500.00 (as a yearly subscription fee).
ii.    Life Member: Registration fee Tk 2000.00 for only one time.
iii.    Registration fee for ex-students living abroad US $ 100.00 for only one time.
iv.    The General Meeting shall have the power to appoint Honorary Member who has contributed valuable services for the betterment of the Alumni Association. Honorary Members shall enjoy all privileges of the Association except for the right to vote and hold office.
v.    Subscription fees are revisable through General Meeting.
7.    Members Rights:
Votes: Members and Life Members shall have the right to vote, propose, second or be a candidate for the office of the Executive Committee.
All members have the right to use all the facilities provided by the association; to attend activities and functions arranged by the association; to attend the general meeting; to make comments or complaints directly to the Executive Committee (except Honorary Member).
8.    Committee:
A.    A Committee consisting of the following members shall be termed as Executive Committee or Office Bearers of the Alumni Association. The members of this committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and this committee will hold for a period of two years.
There shall be an Executive Committee comprising the following office-bearers:
i.     Patron: Director General of ArmyIBA Savar, Dhaka.
ii.    President shall be elected by the members of ArmyIBA Alumni Association.
iii.    Vice-president shall be elected by the members of ArmyIBA Alumni Association.
iv.    General Secretary shall be elected by the members of ArmyIBA Alumni Association.
v.    Joint Secretary shall be elected by the members of ArmyIBA Alumni Association.
vi.    Treasurer shall be elected by the members of ArmyIBA Alumni Association.
vii.    Joint Treasurer shall be elected by the members of ArmyIBA Alumni Association.
viii.    Ten Executive Members shall be elected by the members of ArmyIBA Alumni Association (Three reserved for women)
B.    The president,  Vice-president, General Secretary, Joint Secretary ,Treasurer, Joint Treasurer and all members  of the Executive Committee shall be from among the general members of the Army IBA Alumni Association, Savar.
9.    Duties and Responsibilities of the Executive Committee:
A.    The Executive Committee (EC): 1.The EC will be the sole decision making authority and will be responsible for the implementation of policies and programs of the alumni association and will exercise all powers to issue rules and procedures for implementing the policies and programs.
2. The Executive Committee may appoint Sub-Committee for dealing with any particular activity or program of the association, provided that such committee shall report their activities to the Executive Committee and shall cease to function on completion of the activity or program.
B.    The President: S/he will be the Chief Executive of the Alumni Association. The functions of the President is to preside over the meeting and to see the right conduct of the meeting and to check that the orders, decisions, resolutions of the Executive Committee and of the General Meeting is correctly adhered to. S/He may exercise her/his voting authority where there are equal vote(s) in a situation given under vote.
C.    Vice-President: S/He or They will assist the president in all activities. In absence of the president, the Vice-president shall have all the rights and duties of the President.
D.    The General Secretary:
i.    The Secretary shall conduct the business of the alumni association in accordance with the rules, and shall carry out the instructions of the General Meeting and of the EC.
ii.    S/He shall be responsible for conducting all correspondence and keeping all books, documents, and paper except the accounts and financial records. S/He shall attend meetings, and record the proceedings.
iii.    S/He shall maintain a proper membership register of the members.
iv.    S/He shall file annual returns within 60 days from the date of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to the Registrar of Societies.
E.    The Joint Secretary: S/He shall assist the General Secretary in all activities. In absence of the General Secretary, the Joint Secretary shall have all the rights and duties of the General Secretary.
F.    The Treasurer:
i.    S/He shall keep the book of accounts of AIBAAA and report on these to the Executive Committee.
ii.    S/He shall collect all dues and claims on behalf of the Association and shall also assist the President in ensuring that budgetary grants are properly utilized.
iii.    S/He shall liaise with the bankers and the auditors of the alumni association.
iv.    The bank account of the Association shall be operated under the joint signatures of any two of the following with the treasurer being a compulsory signatory: President, General Secretary and Treasurer.
v.    In the absence of the Treasurer, the President in writing can nominate another member to operate the accounts, which shall be approved by the EC in the next meeting.
vi.    All money receipts shall be signed by the treasurer.
G.    The Joint Treasurer:  Assist the the Treasurer, work as a Treasurer in his/her absence.
H.    The Executive Committee Members: They shall work in cooperation with the office-bearers for all activities. Any Executive Member may be co-opted in any Sub-Committee formed by the Executive Committee.
I.    The Sub-Committee Members: The Sub-Committee Members shall carry out such duty as directed by the President of the EC. As like the followings:

1.    Secretary(Organizing)
2.    Secretary(Culture & Sports)
3.    Secretary ( Membership Development)
4.    Secretary( Student Affairs)
5.    Secretary( Public Relation)
6.    Secretary( Social Networking)
7.    Secretary(Media and Publication)
8.    Secretary(Internal Affairs)
10.    Election: The Executive Committee Members (Excluding Patron) shall be elected, by secret ballot, by the general members of the alumni association for a two-year term in an Annual General Meeting. In case of inability to hold the annual general meeting because of any unforeseen circumstances, the existing committee shall continue with the office but shall hold the annual general meeting at the first opportunity.
A.    This election shall be conducted by an Election Commission of the Association consisting of one Election commissioner and two members appointed by the executive committee at least two months before the election date. The members of the election commission shall be selected from the members of the association who will not intend to contest in the election.
B.    The authority to cancel any vote or to settle any dispute on election shall be reserved by the Election Commission. In case of tie for any post, a toss shall be done by the Election Commission to declare the candidate won.
C.    Any person intended to participate in the election shall have to be the member of the alumni association for at least six months before the date of election and his subscriptions and other dues to the association shall have to be cleared up to the end of the year of election.
D.    The Election Commission shall have to publish the list of all eligible members on the ArmyIBA Alumni Association website and notice board of the organization for at least 15 days before the election. Any eligible member intending to participate in election shall have to submit nomination paper duly filled up in a FORM prescribed by the Election Commission at least 10 (ten) days before the date of election as specified by the Commission.
E.    The nomination paper shall accompany a money-receipt of Taka 500 (five hundred) for the post of President, General Secretary, Vice-president and Treasures, and taka 300 (three hundred) for the post of Joint Secretary and Joint Treasure and Taka 200 (two hundred) for members of the Executive Committee. The money shall be non-refundable and paid in cash to the office of the organization.
F.    The Election Commission shall declare, at least one month before the election, the election schedule specifying the last dates of submitting nomination paper, scrutinizing the same, publishing the list of valid candidates, timing of taking election, the procedure of giving votes and the publishing the results of the election.
11.    Meetings:
A.    Regular meeting of the Executive committee shall be held at least twice in a year, with a notice of minimum 15 days. However, emergency meetings may be called within a notice of three days. The decision taken in an emergency meeting must be ratified in the next EC meeting.
B.    Special meeting of the Executive Committee may be called by the President, if deemed necessary and such meeting may be called with a 72-hour’s notice.
C.    Annual General Meeting will be held once in a year. An Annual General Meeting of the alumni association will be held as soon as possible after the close of each calendar year (1 January to 31 December), not later than April, on a date and at a time and place to be decided by the Executive Committee. The business of the Annual General Meeting shall be:
i.    To receive the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting.
ii.    To receive the Executive Committee’s report on the working of the Association during the previous year.
iii.    To receive the Treasurer’s report and the audited accounts of the Association for the previous year.
iv.    To elect an Executive Committee and to appoint auditors once every 2 years.
v.    To deal with such other matters as may be put before it.
vi.    To make annual plan and budget of the alumni association.
D.    Quorum: In case of all meetings of the executive committee the presence of at least one-third of the members of the executive committee shall form a quorum. In case of general meeting, one fifth of full members shall form a quorum.
12.    Audit:
A.    Two persons, who shall not be office-bearers of the alumni association, shall be appointed, by every alternate Annual General Meeting as Honorary Auditors. They will hold office for two years and can be reappointed.
B.    The Auditors shall be required to audit the accounts of the Association for the year, and to prepare a report or certificate for the annual general meeting. They may also be required by the Chairman to audit the accounts of the Association for any period within their tenure of office at any date, and to make a report to the Committee.
13.    Expulsion of a Member:
A.    The executive Committee may have the power to refuse membership to any at its discretion. The applicant so denied shall have the right to appeal to the Annual General Meeting of the Association.
B.    Any office bearer or member of the Association found to be working against the interest of the Association and acting in contravention of the spirit of any of the provisions of the constitution and rules thereof of the Association shall be expelled. Such action shall be taken after providing reasonable opportunity for the member to defend him/herself. The power to expel any member from Association shall be vested with the Executive Committee. Such expelled members shall however have the right to appeal to the Annual General Meeting whose decision shall be final.
14.    Termination of Membership: A person ceases to be a Member of the association
A.    by voluntary resignation in writing.
B.    by the termination or withdrawal of the application
C.    by death
D.    Because of unsound mind.
E.    Because of convicted of any criminal offense involving moral turpitude.
F.    by ceasing to hold the office in the case of ex-officio members.
15.    Continuance of Membership: A member, whose name has been removed from the register of members solely on account of subscription and other dues, shall be allowed to be readmitted on paying all such dues to the alumni association.
15.    Amendments to the Constitutions:
A.    This constitution may not be altered or amended except by resolution of a general Meeting.
B.    Any provision/requirement of this constitution may be amended by a two-third majority of the members present and voting in the Annual General Meeting.
C.    The proposal to amend the Constitution shall be at the instance of the Executive Committee or on the signed requisition by at least one-tenth of the total alumni.
D.    Notice of the proposed amendments shall be furnished to the General Secretary at least 4 weeks before the date at which it is proposed to consider the amendment. Upon receipt of a requisition for amendment, the General Secretary shall issue this via AIBAAA website.
16.    Dissolution:
A.    The alumni association may be voluntarily dissolved by a resolution of not less than three-fourths of the total membership in a general meeting convened for such purpose.
B.    On dissolution of the alumni association any property or assets whatsoever should remain over after the satisfaction of the debts and liabilities of the alumni association, the same will not be paid or distributed among the members of the alumni association or among any of them, but will be given to  Army Institute of Business Administration of Savar, Dhaka except the funds received or receivable from or through the Government which will be disposed of according to the directives of the Government concerned.
C.    Notice of dissolution shall be forwarded to the Registrar of Social Welfare Department, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh within 30 days of its dissolution.
17.    Relevant act : The Societies Registration Act 1860, BUP Act 2009.
This constitution shall come in force from the date of Annual General Meeting (AGM) in which it is approved.




Sl No.






D.M. Gias Mahmud



Senior Vice President

Raju Ahmed



Vice President

Tayeba Akter



General Secretary




Joint Secretary

Md. Zaber Ali Sagor




Zakia Akter



Organizing Secretary




Executive Member 1

Yasin Kabir



Executive Member 2




Executive Member 3





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